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Mechanical Tube

Boasting more than a century in manufacturing steel tube and pipe, Wheatland Tube has the resources and capabilities to produce superior-quality galvanized and bare mechanical tubing for a wide range of applications.

Using our in-house galvanizing process, our mechanical tubing is produced in accordance with ASTM A500 specifications. With a variety of galvanized finish options to choose from, our products also comply with ASTM A1057 coating requirements.

Committed to delivering exactly what our customers need, our products are triple-coated using a zinc alloy, followed by a conversion coating and a clear polymer that seals in the protection on the tube. This ensures a bright, long-lasting appearance, providing unmatched corrosion resistance.

The precision, toughness and long-lasting protection of our mechanical tubing makes it ideal for plain or fabricated parts, in addition to uses that require superior surface finish and precise dimensions.

Wheatland's in-line galvanized mechanical tubing applications include:

  • Solar Racking
  • Agricultural and dairy products
  • Greenhouse structures and equipment
  • Playground and recreational equipment
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Carports and metal buildings
  • Fabric structures

Wheatland mechanical tube is available in the following shapes and sizes:

  • Rounds: .706" thru 5.000"
  • Squares: .750" thru 4.000"
  • Rectangles: .750" x 1.500" thru 2.000" x 6.000"
  • Octagon: 4.783"
  • Gauge Range: 20-gauge to 5-gauge
  • Length Range: 66" thru 480"
  • Secondary cutting is available for lengths shorter than 66" or for special length tolerances.

For the most demanding projects that require extra protection, specify Wheatland's SURcoat or ThunderCoat mechanical tubing.

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