Wheatland Tube Color

Steel Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Wheatland Tube manufactures the industry's most complete line of steel sprinkler pipe. Our coating options set the standard for resistance to exterior corrosion and heat. With a complete line of fire sprinkler pipe, we guarantee our steel pipe is compatible with any fire protection system that only uses steel pipe.

The Wheatland Advantage

Dedicated to providing our customers with an unparalleled product, our fire sprinkler pipe is:

  • 100% Steel
  • Made in USA
  • Hot-dipped galvanized to prevent dross and ensure a smooth ID finish
  • Exclusively double-sealed and packaged for shipping

Access Wheatland's fire sprinkler products by clicking the links above.

Using the latest processes and manufacturing tools, our customers can expect:

  • Technical support from industry leaders
  • Quick production and turn-around times
  • Accurate and on-time deliveries
  • Long-lasting, quality products
  • Superior customer service

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