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Wheatland Tube Electrical Conduit

At Wheatland Tube, we offer a complete range of steel conduit products that offer superior physical protection for electrical conductors.

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Wheatland electrical conduit products:

  • Are recognized as equipment grounding conductors by the NEC® and effective shields against electrical magnetic interference (EMI)
  • Are available in 10' lengths and color-coded electrical conduit options
  • Some of our products, including many of the trade sized RMC and EMT, are available in 5' and 20' EMT lengths, resulting in increased installations and reduced costs.

Why Wheatland Tube is your best option:

  • With a quick turnaround time, we offer next-day delivery and self-unloading trucks
  • To complement our conduit products, we also carry a full line of elbows, couplings, nipples, and running thread pipe.
  • Our unique manufacturing process allows our conduit to be easily cut, bent and threaded on the job site
  • We carry a vast inventory, allowing us to provide fast local delivery
  • Our products are made and melted in America

We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products and service. To learn more about our steel and aluminum conduit, call us at (800) 257-8182 to speak with one of our dedicated sales team members.

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